Moving Sounds

Moving Sounds

The clarinet virtuoso Tara Bouman and the exceptional trumpeter and versatile musician Markus Stockhausen have been performing as the duo Moving Sounds since 2002.
Their repertoire includes compositions by both artists as well as improvisation and, above all, intuitive music. Their programme is decided spontaneously and in accordance with the acoustic qualities of the space in which they are playing, the time and the people present. The individual pieces are announced during the concert. They take their listeners on a musical journey of discovery.

The wide spectrum of sound experience which MOVING SOUNDS creates – ranging from deeply entrenched profundity via good-humoured whizzing and whirring to eruptive eccentricity – is highly appreciated by music critics and audiences alike. Music enthusiasts with varying tastes enjoy the appearances and let themselves be transported into new realms of sound.

MOVING SOUNDS has given numerous concerts in Italy, Switzerland, England, Norway, Holland, France, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Russia, USA, Chile and, above all, Germany. The two musicians prefer to play in venues with special acoustic qualities such as churches or museums where the extraordinary sound qualities of the wind duo can unfold at their best.

Musica Sacra – this beautifully describes the intuitively played music of Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen. Before the concert the musicians endeavor to empty themselves of the worries and concerns of the world and thus make themselves receptive for the sounds that wish to be born of the moment.

The intimacy of Musica Sacra makes the listeners feel that through their presence they also contribute to its creation.
Nothing is created at random, but rather depth, space, purity evolve.

One can sense a longing in the music, a calling and cheering, speaking, shouting,
until the sounds unite in stillness.